Disarm Negative Thoughts Automatically with Positive Thoughts [Audio]


Disarm Negative Thoughts Automatically with Positive Thoughts [Audio]

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Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H., a Top Selling Audio/ Audiobook/ Book Author and Hypnotherapist (since 1999), is a Hypnosis Instructor, Creator of the Reprogramming Hypnosis System/Certification and has been honored with the International Hypnosis Federation “Excellence in Communication” Award. Gale begins this audio with a hypnotic, soothing, progressive relaxation throughout your entire body that allows you to enter hypnosis, the “Suggestible Subconscious” state of mind that is optimal for receiving/accepting the Reprogramming Hypnosis suggestions.

Gale guides you to subconsciously delete negative thoughts, negative images, negative mindsets, negative voices and negative emotions such as: anger, guilt, sadness, anxiety, fear, etc. Once negativity has been released, you use hypnosis imagery to insert many positive, extra strong feelings, positive thoughts, positive images, happy memories and a sense of strong self-empowerment.

You are the one in control and that feels great! Listen frequently to keep neutralizing, releasing, and deleting negative reactions to stresses in your life. This audio focuses you on positive thoughts, positive feelings, and positive beliefs that give you great pleasure, comfort and protect you from the negativity entering your subconscious programming. An important factor in remaining positive is practicing forgiveness for all people and things that hurt you, intentionally or unintentionally.

Forgiveness stops the flow of negative thoughts that, before forgiveness, all were attached to the person(s), event and/or situation and most importantly, connecting all to you, too. In practicing forgiveness, remember you are doing this for you and it brings freedom from past negativity.

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