Releasing Failures and Downloading Success [Audio]


Releasing Failures and Downloading Success [Audio]

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Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H., a Top Selling Audio/ Audiobook/ Book Author and Hypnotherapist (since 1999), is a Hypnosis Instructor, Creator of the Reprogramming Hypnosis System/Certification and has been honored with the International Hypnosis Federation “Excellence in Communication” Award. Gale, as your facilitator, begins the hypnotic guided imagery with a gentle, progressive full body relaxation into hypnosis so you directly communicate with your subconscious.

It is certain that we all have experienced disappointments and failures of one sort or another. Consciously we may put them out of our mind and move on. However, subconsciously speaking, these events often initiate negative emotions and negative thoughts about failing that in turn automatically create (outside your awareness), low self-esteem subconscious programs.

Low self-esteem beliefs that may have been downloaded are: “I am not good enough; I am not smart enough; I am not talented enough; I am not successful; I cannot succeed; I am a failure; it hurts too much to fail, so I won’t risk failure; I won’t try, so I will be safe”. Such mindsets are capable of sabotaging your success. This audio helps you target/delete your faulty mindsets/ beliefs, or whatever is interfering with your success.

Then, as you listen, you are proactively downloading into your computer-like subconscious mind, positive Reprogramming Hypnosis suggestions that reinforce your new, natural way of being totally at ease, feeling very positive as you give your Top Performance consistently.

Some more benefits include:

  • Release/neutralize/delete your negative emotions that self-sabotage;
  • Build strong self-confidence, trust, and belief in yourself, easily ensuring success;
  • Program positive perspectives to motivate, empower you and help you learn from past mistakes;
  • Forgive others and you, too, in order to release subconscious guilt, especially guilt about past performances;
  • Program courage and belief that you can cope well with anything and still succeed.

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